It’s true! I’m obsessed with quilting and have been for many years! I work at The Quilted Fox in St. Louis, MO. (www.quiltedfox.com). I belong to two quilt guilds/groups which are Piece Mill Quilters, Bits ‘n’ Pieces (www.bitsnpiecesguild.com).  I love to attend quilt retreats, classes, shows, etc.

I call myself the quilt dabbler because I like diversity in my quilting. I hand piece, machine piece, machine quilt, paper piece, machine applique and even, on occasion, hand applique. I like to make traditional quilts, modern quilts, and art quilts. I have eclectic interests and would be bored if I focused on just one aspect of quilting.

Recently I’ve revisited my love for knitting which I did before I started quilting. I’ve been knitting socks, sweaters, cowls and more! I’m just loving the feel of yarn again.

When not quilting, knitting and reading, I like to travel and contra dance with my husband, Mac. My daughter, Beth, and her husband John live in Eureka, California so I don’t see her nearly as often as I would like! I also have a step-son, Kevin, who lives in Los Angeles.

This blog is the diary I keep as a record of my quilting, knitting and sometimes other activities.

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  1. Linda Bobell says:

    Hi, I will be taking your classes in July in Carbondale. I was thinking of using some Laurel Burch fabric for the mariner’s compass, but after looking at the sample, I think it may be too busy. Was surprised your daughter is in Eureka, I am from Eureka and graduated from high school there, then we moved to southern California for 8 years. My husband got 2 degrees from Humboldt way back in the day.

  2. Great blog, Marsha. It is a fun way of getting to know you better. Your quilts are beautiful. See you at yoga!

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