Quilt Market 2013

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This year I went to Quilt Market with Louise, the owner of The Quilted Fox. Always before, I’ve gone on my own and viewed market from the perspective of a teacher. This year, I got to view it from the lens of a quilt shop owner. It was very interesting and, as always, lots of fun.

One of the most interesting sessions was sponsored by Andover Fabrics. They are introducing a new line of fabrics inspired by the PBS show Downton Abbey. The set designer and the costume designer for the show both gave a talk. espomax

The Quilted Fox will have lots of the collection when it ships out to the stores!

I’m really excited because Louise also ordered a whole new display cabinet of Aurifil thread. The shop will be carrying the 28 wt. cotton which will be great for machine quilting and decorative stitching. We’ll also have more colors of the 50 wt. thread. Aurifil had this cool miniature golf course made of thread spools in their booth. If you got a hole in one, you could win thread. Despite numerous attempts, I remained a loser! Louise came very close with one of her shots!photo 3 (2)

Louise also ordered more than 60 new bolts of Australian fabric. photo 5Here she is browsing through the swatches. The fabrics come from M & S Textiles of Australia.

We found some new notions that look like winners and we ordered lots of fun gift items. We also picked out some cool new patterns that will eventually turn into kits for the shop.

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