Shawnee Quilt Guild part 2

The Shawnee Quilt Guild members really rock! I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun quilting with these women. They have been wonderfully hospitable and I’ve enjoyed lovely dinners out sampling the varied cuisine of the Carbondale area. As always, there have been some amazing “it’s a small world” moments. Judy and I lived in the same neighborhood at different times. Linda grew up in the same town where my daughter now lives. Deb and I were at the same retreat in May. When quilters gather, there are always interesting connections, good stories and lots of sharing. Many thanks to all the guild members who created a well-organized and productive leaning environment in spacious and comfortable class space.

We’ve had 2 very fun days making “One Block Wonder” quilts and a paper pieced Mariner’s Compass. The first day we tackled the One Block Wonder. It’s always fun to see how the various fabric choices produce very different kaleidoscope blocks. shawnee5 shawnee6 shawnee4 shawnee3 shawnee2 shawnee1

The second day we created a mariner’s compass. The color choices were fabulous and the resulting wall hangings will be gorgeous!shawnee8 shawnee9 shawnee7 shawnee15 shawnee14 shawnee13 shawnee12 shawnee11 shawnee10

Tomorrow I’ll wrap up my visit with a trunk show for the whole guild. Then, if I can get all the suitcases full of quilts stuffed back into the Prius, I’ll head home.

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  1. Yolanda Corzine says:

    Hi Marsha.. I was wondering if you could email or mail me the instructions to the Mariners Compass.. I had it but I can not find it.. it might have gotten lost somewhere. I have been working on it but wanted to read the notes from you..

    I enjoyed both classes.. it was fun and enjoyable.. I learned a lot and the foundation paper piece technique is a whole lot better than tearing out the paper..

    again thank you, Yolanda

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