Jack’s Chain Project


jacks chainI’ve always liked the Jack’s Chain block and the resulting quilt. Several months ago I had my block exchange group make blue and white 9 patch blocks for me with the goal of starting one of these quilts. Over the holidays I pulled them out and started hand piecing them together. Jack's chain quiltThis is a typical Jack’s Chain quilt with solid hexagons in the center of the circle of 9 patches. embellished jack's chainWhile cruising the internet, I found this variation with applique’s in the hexagons. I liked the look but thought I would like stars better. So I found the hexagon with star pattern I wanted in EQ7 and sized it to fit with my 9 patches (which are 3.25″ square). I now have two whole blocks finished. I’m not sure how big the final quilt will end up being but I definitely know that this is a long-term project!

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