Family Days in July

July has just flown by so far! Mac and I spent two glorious weeks in the cool weather of coastal California and in the Cascade mountains. We flew into Los Angeles and spent several days with Kevin. The day after July 4th, we took the 2 hour boat ride out to the Channel Islands and hiked on Santa Cruz Island. The scenery was fabulous and we saw lots of dolphins on the boat trip. The next day we revisited the Getty Museum which we both love. After the Getty, we stopped for lunch at Hamburger Mary’s. We thought this place was uniquely Hollywood and then found out it was a chain! The food was great and the atmosphere was very fun, though!In the afternoon, we toured the Hollyhock House, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s L.A. projects.

We then drove up highway 1 through the fog and incredible scenery that is the southern California coast. We stopped north of San Simeon on a beach where elephant seals congregate. There were more than 200 seals sleeping, wrestling, and swimming on the shore. It was an awesome sight!

We spent two nights in San Francisco. We spent a great day touring Alcatraz and Angel Island. Then we spent a very fun evening with family–Greg, Karen and Jill–in Haight Ashbury. The next day we arrived in Eureka to stay with Beth and John for a couple of days. We all four then headed north. We stopped for a quick visit to Fern Canyon.By the end of the day we arrived at Crater Lake for the weekend. Crater Lake has to be one of the most gorgeous places on earth.We took the boat ride which involves hiking down to the lake from the rim. It’s a 700 foot drop. The trail is 1.1 miles going down and 11 miles hiking back up :). It was totally worth the exertion! I should mention that Beth and John made the climb back up much quicker than Mac and I did.We flew home from Portland. It was great to be home but we sure do miss the cool temperatures. Mac took all the photos included in this post!

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  1. Michelle McKeever says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful trip, Mac and Marsha. Pictures are great!

  2. candy says:

    What a great trip. Love Crater Lake. C

  3. Debbie Grelle says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – family and scenery. Thanks for sharing!

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