Visiting Beth and John

I’m currently in Eureka, California visiting my daughter Beth and her husband John. The weather here is beautiful and we’ve been able to do some hiking and other outdoor activities. Our first day we went to the Arcata Farmer’s Market. Here is Beth buying some delicious peaches.
The flowers are always beautiful in California!

We’ve also been hiking on the Elk River Trail. We hiked through a mixed forest of redwoods, deciduous trees and pines. Here is Beth in front of a magnificent clump of redwoods.

Yesterday, we went to Fern Canyon in the Redwood National Forest. This is a gorgeous small canyon with a creek running up the middle. The walls of the canyon are covered with many varieties of hanging ferns. It’s an amazing and beautiful sight.On the way out of the park. We saw this huge elk. The rest of the herd was a little further down the road very close the beach.

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