The Joy of Finished Projects

Last weekend was pretty productive because the snow storm kept me at home! I finished two of the smaller projects on my to-do list. The first is Sunrise Tree.

Sunrise Tree


I started this last year in a four-day workshop with Gloria Loughman and it’s based on one of her patterns.

The Rambling Art group is doing wedges that assemble into a large circle. The theme is the world. I chose to make my wedge a collage of photos that Mac took on one of our trips to England. They are mostly photos taken in Ely and Cambridge but there are a couple from London too. Here is the finished wedge.


Echoes of England.

It definitely feels good to finish projects!


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2 Responses to The Joy of Finished Projects

  1. Cindy says:

    Your wedge is so cool. I hope you show the finished project!

  2. TracyB says:

    These are beautiful!!! I love the tree. Can’t wait to see the wedge, too! You’ve outdone yourself!

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