I’m a Winner!

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’ve been getting back into knitting after years of absence from the yarn addiction. The quilting obsession has ruled my life for last twenty some years. The knit revival started gradually when my daughter gave me a skein of sock yarn. I tried knitting some socks that didn’t actually fit right. Over the next several years, I tried a couple more time with similar results. Then, last year when I couldn’t quilt, I started knitting more and have had more sock success. Here’s my latest finish.

cable socksThese are Cabled Quasi Crews by Jamie Bourgeois. I got the pattern on Ravelry and used Coop Knit Socks Yeah! in the Beryl color. The yarn came from my brief flirtation with the Yarn Box monthly sock box subscription.

I started reading some blogs on knitting and ran across one by the Winwick Sock MumĀ  featuringĀ  her Sockalong. I love reading about the British Isles and listening to podcasts by British knitters, so I started reading the blog and then joined the Facebook groups. It’s tons of fun to see all the finished socks that are posted from all over the world.

Last week was the year-long anniversary of the Sockalong and Christine Perry (the sock mum) hosted a giveaway to celebrate. My name was drawn as the winner! She has already shipped me the prizes and I can’t wait to actually see them. Here’s the link to the blog announcement and pictures of the prizes as well as links to the websites of the companies that donated the prizes. These include an autographed copy of the book Super Socks written by Christine! The prizes also include a gorgeous skein of sock yarn in my favorite colors. I see another pair of socks in my future!




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