It’s a new year!

Hurray! I’m so glad it’s a new year. The last one was not so good for my quilting, but the shoulder is much better and I’m able to sew again! Even better, I’m heading off to a quilt retreat in a couple of days!

In looking back over the year, I finished more projects than I thought. Some were done before my surgery but I did finish some after. My biggest project of the year was a queen sized quilt for my daughter and her husband. They found an inspiration photo they liked on the internet and then picked colors. I created the pattern based on the inspiration photo.

2015  Beths qult beth's quilt

Here are the rest of the projects I finished this year. Altogether there were 12 quilts but most were small. Six were donated and 2 were gifts. Some of the others will end up being donated or gifts but just haven’t made it to new homes yet.



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