A Slow Recovery

As it turned out, my July post was overly optimistic and the shoulder recovery has been slower than anticipated. I have been gradually able to piece more and more but in short bits of time. Using a lighter iron helped some but lots of physical therapy helped more. Finally, last week I was able to resume free motion quilting for short amounts of time.

The result is that my finished quilt total for the year has been very skimpy. I have a few things close to being finished. I’ll post pictures as I finish turning the bindings. I did finish two of these quilts. My friend Tracy gave me a kit that she wasn’t going to make. I took that fabric, added a bunch more, and decided to make X blocks. I made enough blocks early in the spring to put together two quilts like this one. They are 40 x 60. One went to Piece Mill Quilters for a donation quilt. The other will go to Bits N Pieces as a donation quilt.2015 Tracy's X Blocks I

I did find that I could knit with limited shoulder motion so shortly after my surgery, I  started knitting some small projects. Years ago, before my life as an obsessive quilter, I was an obsessive knitter. It’s been fun this summer to get the knitting needles out and play with yarn. I’ve finished a couple of cowls including this one.Marsha's bandana cowl I also finished a pair of socks. Then I did a quick pair of fingerless mitts.socksIMG_1720

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