Challenge quilts completed

IMG_1156 IMG_1141







In the last month, I’ve finished challenges for both my guilds. The one on the left is for Bits ‘n’ Pieces. The challenge fabric is the print with all the faces. The challenge was to make a donation quilt for Cover Our Kids. Fortunately, I had suitable colors in my stash and didn’t need to buy anything!

The quilt on the rights was the challenge for Piece Mill Quilters. I received the fabric with cowboys in rows on a black background and needed to make a quilt that would appeal to a child. The quilt will go to Cardinal Glennon for a sick child. I combined the cowboy fabric with some tone-on-tone pieces and some horse fabrics. Hopefully it will appeal to some child with a love for horses! Again, this one was made totally from stash fabrics.

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  1. Candy says:

    Yikes I need to get going on mine for Bits. Good job. Hopefully soon right?

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