Done and Donated

I finished this quilt last week.2016 Black White Bright The blocks were mostly made by my Pieces of Friendship group. Two days after I finished it, I received a request from my niece to donate a quilt for a fundraiser. She’s the administrator for the Footsteps Montessori Pre-school in Martinsville, Indiana. I shipped it off the next day. The quilt will be raffled off on June 11.

The quilt is 62 x 62 and called Black & White & Bright.

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I’m a Winner!

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’ve been getting back into knitting after years of absence from the yarn addiction. The quilting obsession has ruled my life for last twenty some years. The knit revival started gradually when my daughter gave me a skein of sock yarn. I tried knitting some socks that didn’t actually fit right. Over the next several years, I tried a couple more time with similar results. Then, last year when I couldn’t quilt, I started knitting more and have had more sock success. Here’s my latest finish.

cable socksThese are Cabled Quasi Crews by Jamie Bourgeois. I got the pattern on Ravelry and used Coop Knit Socks Yeah! in the Beryl color. The yarn came from my brief flirtation with the Yarn Box monthly sock box subscription.

I started reading some blogs on knitting and ran across one by the Winwick Sock Mum  featuring  her Sockalong. I love reading about the British Isles and listening to podcasts by British knitters, so I started reading the blog and then joined the Facebook groups. It’s tons of fun to see all the finished socks that are posted from all over the world.

Last week was the year-long anniversary of the Sockalong and Christine Perry (the sock mum) hosted a giveaway to celebrate. My name was drawn as the winner! She has already shipped me the prizes and I can’t wait to actually see them. Here’s the link to the blog announcement and pictures of the prizes as well as links to the websites of the companies that donated the prizes. These include an autographed copy of the book Super Socks written by Christine! The prizes also include a gorgeous skein of sock yarn in my favorite colors. I see another pair of socks in my future!




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Lily’s Quilt

Stepping StonesQuilt Week in Paducah has come and gone. This year I again stayed with my friend Lily and helped her in her shop which is called Lily Liu Designs. Lily makes hand marbled fat quarters (as well as jewelry, shibori dyed clothing, fiber art and more) and we found last year that many quilters couldn’t quite imagine how to use them in a quilt. So this year, I made a quilt for Lily to hang in her shop. It featured the 8 marbled fat quarters that I brought home last year. It’s about 45″ x 65″. The pattern is called Stepping Stones and I found it in a book called “We Love Color”.  I didn’t get a photo of the quilt hanging in the shop, but here are some photos of the studio set up for Quilt Week.

studio studio2

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Recent finishes

The last couple of months have been very busy! I’ve been to California to visit my daughter, taught multiple classes, quilted some quilt tops for both guild charity projects and co-chaired the vendors at the 10th annual Bits N Pieces quilt show.  The quilt show was a big success!Bits N Pieces quilt show

I’ve done more knitting than quilting because it’s more portable. I finished this pair of socks after spending many, many hours sitting at the San Francisco airport and on airplanes getting to and from my daughter’s house.San Francisco Socks

I used Manos del Uruguay Alegria yarn in the Fondo Del Mar colorway. The pattern is Basic Socks from juliesmitten.  I’ve made several pair from this pattern and find that it fits really well.

I also finished this cowl. IMG_1832 The pattern was the Appia Cowl by Hilary Smith Callis. I used Holiday Yarn Silver Sock yarn in the Black Widow colorway. This interesting yarn has actual silver fibers spun into it for a bit of sparkle.

I fired up the Handi Quilter Sixteen and quickly quilted two children’s quilts. One was for the Piece Mill Quilters guild and the other was for the Bits Cover our Kids charity project. These came as kits that included the top, backing and batting. I also did a quick machine binding on both.  While I was warmed up, I went ahead and quilted a top that I had basted in January! This is the Cancan quilt from Aardvark Quilts using the Kaleidikite Ruler. I used a fat quarter packet that I’ve had on the shelf for a long time along with a few additions. I call it Citrus Cancan.2016 Citrus Cancan

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A Dog Gone Cute Quilt

Our niece and her husband are expecting their first baby in about 6 weeks. The prospective parents are very passionate about dogs. They, of course, have a dog, but also foster rescue dogs and are active with Stray Rescue. When I was looking for inspiration for a baby quilt, I ran across a pattern called Dog Gone Cute by Sew Fresh Quilts. I knew instantly it was the perfect quilt for them! Today I gave them the quilt and they loved it! The colors were drawn from the rug that is now in the nursery. The black dog in the quilt is their dog Finn.

bones detail finn IMG_1808 joanna-sm



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January finishes

Here are my January finishes. The first is a quilt top that I made last year. It had been basted since before Christmas but I finally sat down and quilted it. It’s called Intersections. Then I finished this pair of socks. It’s my 4th pair and the first that I really feel are successful. I’m doing a Craftsy class —Knit-along 2016: Socks with Lucy Neatby. I’ve already learned quite a bit! When I finish the knit-along I’ll have 3 finished pair of socks!2016 Intersections socks

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January Retreat

The PMQ January retreat was wonderful, as always! The bitter cold precluded our usual walks so we just sewed even more. I worked on a baby quilt that I don’t want to reveal until after it’s gifted but I have lots of pictures of all the other sewing that was going on.

I also hosted the January PMQ meeting. It’s always a challenge finding chairs for 29 people in my living room!IMG_1765



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It’s a new year!

Hurray! I’m so glad it’s a new year. The last one was not so good for my quilting, but the shoulder is much better and I’m able to sew again! Even better, I’m heading off to a quilt retreat in a couple of days!

In looking back over the year, I finished more projects than I thought. Some were done before my surgery but I did finish some after. My biggest project of the year was a queen sized quilt for my daughter and her husband. They found an inspiration photo they liked on the internet and then picked colors. I created the pattern based on the inspiration photo.

2015  Beths qult beth's quilt

Here are the rest of the projects I finished this year. Altogether there were 12 quilts but most were small. Six were donated and 2 were gifts. Some of the others will end up being donated or gifts but just haven’t made it to new homes yet.



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A Slow Recovery

As it turned out, my July post was overly optimistic and the shoulder recovery has been slower than anticipated. I have been gradually able to piece more and more but in short bits of time. Using a lighter iron helped some but lots of physical therapy helped more. Finally, last week I was able to resume free motion quilting for short amounts of time.

The result is that my finished quilt total for the year has been very skimpy. I have a few things close to being finished. I’ll post pictures as I finish turning the bindings. I did finish two of these quilts. My friend Tracy gave me a kit that she wasn’t going to make. I took that fabric, added a bunch more, and decided to make X blocks. I made enough blocks early in the spring to put together two quilts like this one. They are 40 x 60. One went to Piece Mill Quilters for a donation quilt. The other will go to Bits N Pieces as a donation quilt.2015 Tracy's X Blocks I

I did find that I could knit with limited shoulder motion so shortly after my surgery, I  started knitting some small projects. Years ago, before my life as an obsessive quilter, I was an obsessive knitter. It’s been fun this summer to get the knitting needles out and play with yarn. I’ve finished a couple of cowls including this one.Marsha's bandana cowl I also finished a pair of socks. Then I did a quick pair of fingerless mitts.socksIMG_1720

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It’s been awhile!

Hello everyone! After a long silence, I’m finally back! This blog mostly functions as my sewing diary but I haven’t sewed for almost 3 months. This was due to a shoulder injury, followed by shoulder surgery, and followed by a long recovery period. Happily, I can now sew again. I’m still not quilting, and pressing is a challenge but I can sew a bit which makes me much happier!

This last weekend I was ecstatic to be able to go to a quilt retreat! I joined a group retreating in Brunswick, MO at the Sew Sweet Quilt Shop and Retreat Center. This is a lovely shop and a fabulous retreat place. IMG_1503

We stopped on the way on Friday for lunch at lovely little place in Moberly, MO called The Southern Yankee which we found through Yelp. I had the Maple Bacon Chicken with sweet potatoes and garlic, parmesan roasted corn. Yummy!

At the retreat center, we had a great weekend. We explored Brunswick which has a population of 858. It claims to be the pecan capitol of the country. Michele and I had our picture taken in front of the world’s largest pecan in downtown Brunswick. IMG_1504The town was founded in 1836. Lewis & Clark stopped on the hill overlooking the site that is now Brunswick.

We took some walks around Brunswick and found this fabulous Victorian for sale. Hopefully someone will buy it and restore it to its former glory!

01-folk-victorianThe retreat center has a gourmet kitchen, luxurious hotel-like sleeping rooms and, of course, an attached quilt shop. What’s not to love! Here are a few shots of the retreat. It was just so wonderful to spend time with fellow quilters and finally sew again!

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